“The Powertome is one of the most effective
available today for atramatic  extractions
especially for using it in the esthetic zone.”

Dr. Michael Pikos | Pikos Implant Institute


dentistThe Powertome® improves the tooth removal process for both surgeons and patients by providing greater control during extractions. The Powertome® is an automated periotome that offers extremely precise tooth extraction with minimal or no alveolar bone loss. The surgery is often flapless so patients experience reduced pain and swelling. This translates into less chair time and faster recovery for the patient.

What Is it?

Powered Periotome | Blade Shaped Tip | Intrinsically Safe| Taps on Down Stroke Only | Severs Periodontal Ligament Fivers | Slightly Expands Socket


Surgery can be flapless | Faster than manual periotomes | Minimal alveolar bone loss | Less risk of fracture of the lingual or buccal plate | Reduced pain and swelling for patient | Reduced bone loss in extraction | Increases efficiency in extraction | Allows for immediate implant after extraction

Indications for Use:

Severe carries | Periodontal disease | Trauma | Malformed teeth | Pathology | Orthodontic indications | Pre-prosthetic | Pre-implant placement | Immediate implant placement